Men’s Clothing and Popular Brands

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Men’s fashion is a multi-million industry not only in America but also in Europe and in other parts of the world. This phenomenon gave rise to the proliferation of a multitude of men clothing brands that bring out new stuff season after season like custom hoodies are very popular among men these days. From among these aggregation of men clothing brands, there are some that stood out as great favorites and have had great successes in sales worldwide because they frequently update their product line with unique and trendy stuff that appeal to many guys’ fashion sense. The most preferred men clothing brands include:

Alexander Wang – Alexander Wang is quite new as a men clothing brand. They began their menswear collection only in their 2011 Fall/winter collection. What made Alexander Wang’s opulent men’s lounge wear collection stand out from among the other men clothing brand is that they were a complete departure from the surfeit of tailored clothing that are currently flooding the male consciousness. Clothes offered by this men clothes brand which is a mix of rock and roll grunge, blackout military vogue and Parisian chic are not cheap but they embody subtle wealth and luxury.


Givenchy – Givenchy is another men clothing brand that has gained a lot of popularity among fashion-forward males especially its 2017 Resort collection of incredible stuffs with graphic designs and novel color elements under Ricardo Tisci’s creative direction. The fact that Jay-Z and Kanye West and other famous names in the entertainment world wear the brand almost on a permanent basis has boosted its popularity where once the brand only evokes suits and evening wear.

J. Crew – Nothing seems to hinder the growing popularity of this men clothing brand. They may be a mall brand but is becoming one of the top men fashion brands especially with the introduction of high-end stuff such as Wallace & Barnes attracting the attention of celebrities and non-celebrities alike. They have made their product line available internationally through online sites such as Mr. Porter and has established its name as the source of rugged and easy to wear men’s clothes.

Accessories are also an important factor when it comes to men’s fashion.Sunglasses for men are the best accessories to add flair and style to your looks. And among the trendiest sunglasses for men are the classic Ray Ban sunglasses that are also considered the best – selling sunglasses in the world. Because of its many distinctive styles and designs, these timeless eyewear that have been around for over seventy years now have been serving the needs of men for stylish yet practical eye protection. They are the favored sunglasses not only by the rich and famous but also by regular guys who consider sunglasses as an essential element of their look and style. Ray Ban sunglasses for men have created two of the hottest sunglasses styles in the world, the New Wayfarer and the Aviator sunglasses.

New Wayfarer sunglasses for men – This is a classic style of sunglasses for men that are proven to be a winner time and time again. Bob Dylan to Sammy Davis, Jr., are only two of the famous guys who believe that the New Wayfarer is the best choice for a sun protection that will add style and panache to their looks.

Aviator sunglasses for men – the Aviator sunglasses for men have a classic style and shape that is recognizable at a glance and timelessly fashionable and chic. Aviator sunglasses for men have been around for years and years and have earned Hollywood status since they were worn by stars such as Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone among others in their top grossing films. Even the members of the famous British pop group of the 60s, the Beatles such as Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney considered Aviator sunglasses for men as part of their individual fashion statement.
The popularity of Ray Ban sunglasses for men can be attributed to their inimitable classic design that appeals to a broad range of the male populace worldwide. This has kept them on-top of the list of the most fashionable sunglasses for men over the years.

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